Community Noise Reduction Program Monitoring, Testing, and Data Recovery

Desert Archaeology teamed with Arizona Preservation Consultants to provide archaeological and historical research services for property acquisition by the City of Phoenix Aviation Department’s Community Noise Reduction Program under the oversight of the Federal Aviation Administration. The City offered to purchase properties in seven neighborhoods affected by noise from Sky Harbor Airport. Desert Archaeology reviewed historical maps and other documents to identify archaeologically sensitive residential properties followed by demolition monitoring on over 240 parcels and phased data recovery on more than 50 parcels. In-depth historical research was conducted for each parcel and for the project area as a whole. Historical research was combined with the results of archaeological work to produce two technical reports and a popular report, with the latter focusing on the people who contributed to the area’s prehistory and history. The City of Phoenix received the 2014 Governor’s Award in Public Archaeology for the popular report, entitled Seeds of Growth: Neighborhoods on the Salt River Floodplain.


  • Completion Date: December 2016
  • Location: Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
  • Type: Monitoring, Testing, and Data Recovery
  • Compliance Level: Federal
  • Lead Agency: Federal Aviation Administration
  • Client: City of Phoenix
  • Report Citations: Technical Report Nos. 2011-03, 2012-18, 2016-03