NEW (24 July 2023): Excavation Field Crew (Phoenix)

Desert Archaeology is seeking archaeological technicians for excavations at the site of La Ciudad, just east of downtown Phoenix. The excavations provide a unique opportunity to investigate the core of one of the largest Hohokam sites in the Phoenix Basin. Based on maps drafted by Frank Midvale in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the current project area is expected to contain numerous areas of extensive pre-Classic and Classic period habitation. The project will be focused on feature excavation in the site core. It is anticipated that by the end of the 6+ months of the project, each crew member will have excavated over two dozen structures, including both pithouses and surface rooms.

Applicants should enjoy working outdoors and performing physical labor including using shovels and picks, and moving and lifting buckets of dirt as required for feature excavation. Heat conditions are expected in the later months of the project. The field technician position pays $20 per hour and requires a BA and an archaeological field school or commensurate experience. Previous experience in the excavation of Hohokam sites is preferred. Excavations will begin in September 2023 and extend into February 2024.  Please express your interest by sending a cover letter and resume to


Ongoing: Survey/Excavation Field Crew (Statewide)

To be considered for upcoming survey and excavation projects in Arizona, send your resume along with a cover letter indicating your experience and general geographic and schedule availability to

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