Cholla Mountain to Rawhide Wash Survey

In compliance with the Arizona Antiquities Act, Desert Archaeology surveyed the 2,047-acre Cholla Mountain to Rawhide Wash project area for the City of Scottsdale prior to acquisition of Arizona State Trust Land to expand the existing McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Ten archaeological sites were found, representing prehistoric or native aboriginal artifact scatters and rockshelters, a segment of the previously recorded historic Camp Creek to Phoenix Road, an adjacent historic activity area and possible temporary campsite, and a historic period well. The eligibility of all sites for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places was evaluated, and the report included management recommendations related to preservation and public interpretation.


  • Completion Date: March 2012
  • Location: Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona
  • Type: Class I inventory and Class III pedestrian survey
  • Compliance Level: State
  • Lead Agency: N/A
  • Client: City of Scottsdale
  • Report Report: Project Report No. 12-102