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Desert Archaeology publishes a wide variety of reports and books, including cultural resource compliance documents, research papers, professional artifact-specific analysis manuals, and materials for a public audience.

  • Anthropological Papers

    Medium- and large-sized projects with substantial research results can be found in our Anthropological Papers series, published through a non-profit organization. In our searchable publication list below, Anthropological Paper numbers are preceded by “AP.”

  • Technical Reports

    Most other projects with research results are published in Desert Archaeology’s Technical Report series. In our searchable publication list below, Technical Report numbers are preceded by “TR.”

  • Project Reports

    Most small projects are addressed in Desert Archaeology’s Project Report series. These reports typically have limited distribution and serve specific compliance purposes. They are not included in our searchable publications list below. Please contact us for more information about Desert Archaeology Project Reports.

  • Petrographic Reports

    Petrographic Reports are produced for professional and academic clients needing petrographic analysis as a stand-alone service. Included in our searchable publications list below, these report numbers are preceded by “PR.”

Searchable List of Publications