North Fifth Hotel Data Recovery

Prior to the construction of a hotel in downtown Tucson, Desert Archaeology investigated portions of a city block that was once occupied by residences and businesses beginning in the 1880s. Historical research identified the primary residents in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century and also the businesses that existed on the block into the 1960s. The block was home to Tucson’s first volunteer fire department chief, who operated a freight transfer business next to his home. Livery stables once present on the block eventually gave way to automotive businesses, including a gas station. Archaeological compliance was on the critical path to achieving funding and approvals. Through close coordination and communication, Desert Archaeology completed the fieldwork ahead of schedule and incorporated a press outreach effort that brought the client positive publicity. The client provided the following unsolicited recommendation:

This letter is written as a recommendation for Desert Archaeology (DAI). DAI exceeded expectations in all aspects of their work on the AC Marriott project. Schedule concerns were brought up to DAI before the start of their field work, and they met or beat all required due dates for their work, all while coordinating adjacent demolition activities with the General Contractor. When it came to gaining agency approvals, DAI took a proactive approach, and as a result, all clearances were achieved much sooner than expected. DAI has acted as a true partner in their entire scope on this project, and I would recommend them on any archaeological study.


  • Completion Date: March 2016
  • Location: Tucson, Pima County, Arizona
  • Type: Testing and Data Recovery
  • Compliance Level: Federal
  • Lead Agency: Housing and Urban Development
  • Client: 5 North Fifth Hotel, L.L.C.
  • Report Citation: Technical Report No. 2015-08