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Desert Archaeology provides comprehensive cultural resources services to clients at all levels of government, Native American nations and tribes, and the private sector.

Desert Archaeology Desert Archaeology

Building Relationships

Our relationships with our clients are built on trust and an absolute commitment to finding innovative ways to satisfy regulatory requirements and to achieve positive outcomes.

Desert Archaeology government clients Desert Archaeology government clients


At Desert Archaeology, we take our work for the public sector very seriously, and we deliver results that honor that investment. We are familiar with the compliance requirements of local, state, and federal agencies and offer services that meet any project need.

Desert Archaeology Native American clients Desert Archaeology Native American clients


Desert Archaeology works for and with tribes on government-sponsored projects on tribal lands. By consulting tribal cultural resource offices, attending public meetings, working with employment services, and prioritizing use of tribal businesses, we create projects that maximize the benefits to the communities in which we work.

Desert Archaeology utilities Desert Archaeology utilities


Desert Archaeology has developed compliance procedures specifically tailored to the needs of utility companies. We have streamlined the permitting and reporting processes for on-call contracts and developed and applied efficient methods for investigating cultural resources in narrow, linear rights-of-way. We coordinate closely with construction crews to minimize construction delays.

Desert Archaeology CRM clients Desert Archaeology CRM clients

Cultural Resources Professionals

Desert Archaeology’s specialist staff members are often called upon to provide support services to other cultural resources firms. They offer expertise gained over decades of working with archaeological materials such as ceramics, flaked stone, ground stone, animal bone, shell, and archaeobotanical samples.

Desert Archaeology consulting Desert Archaeology consulting

A & E Companies

As a full-service cultural resources management company, Desert Archaeology is available to team with engineering, environmental, and architectural companies on contracts requiring our services. We also provide fieldwork support, cartographic services, collections management, and analytic services, customizing our offerings to complement your capabilities.

Desert Archaeology private sector clients Desert Archaeology private sector clients

Other Private Sector

Desert Archaeology works with private sector clients that are subject to a variety of regulations in urban and rural contexts. We can guide you through the regulatory process, provide advice about time- and budget-sensitive options, and provide high-quality work that meets agency standards and allows you to maintain focus on your own project goals.