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Specialized Services

Desert Archaeology offers comprehensive project services beyond excavation. Our experienced and innovative staff members are available on a contract basis to fill your analysis, mapping, graphics, and publication needs.

Artifact Analysis and Specimen ID

Cultural resources projects often recover diverse collections of artifacts and specimens, including items made of clay, stone, shell, metal, mineral, and animal bone, as well as preserved seeds, pollen, and other plant remains. Desert Archaeology’s efficient team of in-house specialists brings years of expertise and innovation to bear on a wide range of artifact and biological analyses. See our full list of analytical services.


Desert Archaeology offers cartographic and GIS services. Mapping Director Michael Brack devises flexible strategies to meet project-specific needs. Our high-precision system can incorporate either ground-based or uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) airborne mapping techniques.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography provides invaluable documentary data, as well as being one of the best tools available for communicating to a variety of audiences. We provide cost-effective, high-resolution aerial photography of job sites, archaeological sites, survey areas, and project areas.


Desert Archaeology staff can be contracted to visually record individual artifacts, biological specimens, or entire collections, as well as to create depictions of past lifeways. We produce publication-quality illustrations in the medium that best suits your needs.


Outreach products such as signs, posters, brochures, and booklets can be an accessible way to communicate interesting discoveries from your project and to enhance your prestige among a public that is enthusiastic about the archaeology and history underlying their familiar places.